Teacher: Mrs. Amy Van Hise & Mrs. Christina Rowsey

Kindergarten is the beginning of a child's formal education and is a jam-packed day full of Bible, reading, writing, math, science, social studies and language arts. Kindergarten is an opportunity to learn to love learning and reinforce that school is an exciting place to be!  Each day begins and ends with prayer and a reminder to fully rely on God.  We look for natural opportunities to point to Jesus throughout the day and to reinforce a daily friendship with Him.

Play is still integral for our Kindergarten students in this early childhood phase.  They have daily opportunities to explore concepts and skills during hands on learning centers.  In addition, students hone their social and friendship skills as they negotiate and problem solve throughout the day.  Learning to interact with others is another opportunity to apply the love of Christ in practical ways.

Kid-Writing is the crux of our language arts experience, where children use their knowledge of letters and letter sounds and are authors from day 1!  Throughout the year, Kindergarten students can expand their writing at their own pace, learning to write simple sentence with exposure of the mechanics of writing and grammar wrapped up in the students' daily authentic writing.  In addition, the formal language arts program is very engaging and captures varying genres of literature.  Some of the yearly highlights include exploring Junie B. Jones chapter books and then seeing a connected theater production and raising butterflies and releasing them at the nature center and so much more! The full day Kindergarten experience at Calvary Christian School culminates in a touching, funny, and overall wonderful graduation ceremony at the end of the school year.