summer CAMP

Summer Camp is a natural extension of the child care center. Our school aged children need a safe, secure, and Christ centered summer program, and that is what we offer! 

Summer Camps at Calvary Child Care Center are an opportunity for children and youth to experience God's goodness in an exciting, safe, and Christ-centered atmosphere!  Summer Camps are planned for children graduating Kindergarten through Seventh Grade and include weekly trips, daily activities, and most of all, a deeper relationship with Jesus. 


Read below for details and online registration about each camp for 2020!

2020 Summer camp

We offer 3 camps for different age groups:

Junior Camp - going into grades 1 & 2

Senior Camp - going into grades 3, 4, & 5

Teen Camp - going into grades 6, 7 & 8

Click here for Summer Camp rates at a glance (all 3 camps)

All of our campers will be "In House" this summer.  During the day the campers will participate in a variety of hands-on experiences that include but are not limited to helping others, STEAM activities, daily chapel,  devotional times, creative projects, praise and worship times, and so much more!  

  • Amended COVID Policies - This is only for campers who have registered before 6.14.20.  It is now included in the online camp registration link above.