CCS Alumni teStimonies

One of the benefits of a small graduating class at Calvary is the ability to interact on a deeper level with each other on a daily basis.  In addition, students have the opportunity to work with their teachers on a one-on-one basis.


our alumni

This is a sample of some of the graduating classes at Calvary Christian School.

  • class of 2017

  • CLASS of 2016

  • class of 2015

  • Class of 2013

  • class of 2012

  • class of 2011

hear what our middle school students are saying...

"I love Calvary because we get to learn about God and pray freely."

"I like this school because it helps me build a relationship with God."

"Calvary is an amazing school.  Our teachers always understand our problems and help us with them - and that's just kind of them!"

"I like Calvary Christian School for the loving and caring teachers."

"Calvary Christian School has some of the nicest staff.  They greet you in the morning when you arrive."

"In everything I learn, there is always a Biblical connection and aspect.  It helps me to grow in my relationship with God."

"At Calvary, I have great friends, it's easier to learn because the teachers are so helpful and care.  Everyone understands me."

"The kids are nicer here and the teachers pay attention to what I am struggling with."

"I have solid friendships in middle school at Calvary."