Teacher: Miss Stephanie Welsh

Second grade is an exciting time in a child's educational journey, marked by significant growth and exploration.  It's a transitional period where students begin to solidify foundational skills while delving into more complex concepts across various subjects.  Second graders, refine reading skills with learning comprehension and fluency.

With an expanding vocabulary, they explore diverse genres of literature, from imaginative tales to informational texts.  In math, they progress and begin to tackle more advanced concepts like multiplication, division, and basic geometry. In Science, hands-on activities and interactive learning experiences enrich their understanding of the world around them.  Spiritually, children are beginning to explore the relational nature of Jesus.  Salvation is explained and allows children to know they can have a growing relationship with Jesus. 

Overall, second grade is a vibrant and dynamic stage in a child's education, characterized by growth, discovery, and the joy of learning.  It lays the groundwork for future academic success while nurturing the holistic development of each student.

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