Middle School (6th, 7th, & 8th)

Teachers: Mrs. Gena Clark

Mrs. Michelle Tanghare

Middle School (Grades 6, 7, 8) prepares students not only for a lifetime of learning, but also provides a solid foundation from a Biblical worldview.  Upon completion of their time at Calvary, it is our goal that students leave Calvary with a solid understanding of the depth of the love of Christ for each of them personally.  In addition, our teachers and staff strive to immerse students in the Bible and apply it to practical life situations, so that each student is equipped to stand firm in his or her faith as the challenges of life arise.

8th Grade at Calvary Christian School is a bittersweet year, as often our graduating class has literally grown up together into one family-like unit.  One of the benefits of a small class at Calvary is the ability to interact on a deeper level with each other on a daily basis and develop lasting friendships that are rooted in Christ.  During the end of the 8th Grade year, the students take a class trip together.  

Following a lavish graduation ceremony in June, the students take a trip together for one last bonding experience. 



The Middle School English curriculum has four main components: writing, vocabulary study, grammar, and speech.

  • Writing - With the growing importance of communication skills in our society, our writing program offers abundant experience in practicing the major writing styles, including narrative, expository, persuasive, creative, etc.
  • Vocabulary - Our vocabulary curriculum offers exposure to words that foster maturity in both writing and reading, as well as excellent preparation for upcoming PSAT/SAT assessments.
  • Grammar - We dedicate class times to grammar instruction in order to enhance reading and writing abilities, as well as nurture editorial skills.
  • Speech - It is so important to allow practice in public speaking to teach speech organization and time awareness, as well as critical sense of ease when speaking in front of others.


The math program at Calvary is accelerated compared to other math programs as students are expected to complete Algebra 1 prior to graduating eighth grade.  While being a rigorous program, students are taught in a way that strives for understanding rather than rote memorization.  To make math more enjoyable, we make sure to balance our time of written work with engaging group activities and online games that are educational.

In science, we are tackling the same task of understanding versus memorizing information as well.  We do weekly labs and demonstrations to ingrain various concepts into our students' brains by making the information from a textbook come to life.  The students also have the wonderful opportunity to participate in a school wide science fair each year.


Our middle school students' Social Studies curriculum includes ancient history (6th grade) and a two part look at United States history (7th and 8th grade).  These history courses utilize interactive and hands-on ways to understand key events in our history and examine the ways we have seen "God shed His grace on thee."

Our middle school students' Bible curriculum includes an Old Testament survey (6th grade), New Testament survey (7th grade), and a focus on Biblical Worldviews (8th grade).  As a result, students gain a deeper understanding of the loving heart of the Father, the redeeming work of the Son, the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and the saving power of the cross.


The students will be exposed to various genres in literature throughout the year, with the end result being twofold: (1) the students will enjoy reading books they might not normally select and (2) the students will gain a better understanding of the types of genre in literature.  Ultimately, it is our desire and goal to instill a love of reading within each student.  In addition, the students will explore the literary devices authors use in their writings and learn to use them in their own writings.  The students will also explore and analyze literary elements within all selected novels that will be read throughout the year.  This will be accomplished through a host of individual, group, paired and closed reading activities.


Summer Reading & Supply List

black rock retreat

Each September, our Middle School students spend 3 days at Black Rock Retreat in Lancaster County.  This retreat offers the ability to experience God's creation in a way that many students never have before!  Students are safe and, supervised.  This is wonderful opportunity to bond together as a middle school body and learn to appreciate each other. 

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ministry clubs

These are some of the ministries that our students at Calvary Christian School get involved throughout the school year.

  • drama Ministry

    Gospel-centered mini musicals, including singing, dancing, and acting, are performed about twice per year.  This afterschool club gives students the opportunity to try something new in a safe environment around their friends!

  • Yearbook ministry

    Middle School students gather during lunchtimes to organize and layout an annual yearbook.  

  • puppet team ministry

    Grades 4 - 8 can learn to share God's Word in a kid friendly format by joining the afterschool Puppet Ministry Club.

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reach out projects

In a world where many teenagers are self-absorbed, Calvary Christian School's Middle School students learn the joy of giving to others.  They participate in a local food bank, cleaning yards of those who are unable to, sponsoring a child in El Salvador,  partnering with the Salvation Army, and many more reach out projects.