toddler room

Toddlers are egocentric - they are the center of their own universe!  They cannot see things from another person's perspective and realize how someone else might be affected by their actions.  They love to experiment with the effects that their own actions cause, which is one of the reasons that they love to do actions repeatedly like filling and dumping objects.  Little toddlers also have a very limited vocabulary.  Toddlers need help to communicate and to problem solve.  They get frustrated, angry, and frustrated just like us, but they cannot express their feelings like big adults can.  All of these characteristics make this age group incredibly cute!

Rest assured that we are doing our part in creating a secure environment, but that "boo boos" do occur as your child runs and climbs and explores new things.  Exploring is learning!!

activities in this room

Toddlers are non-stop!  Keep in mind, that during this stage of development, the basic daily schedule changes about every 10-15 minutes.  There is a planned rotation of quiet (i.e. sitting for a story) and active (i.e. dancing) activities alternating throughout the day.  Learning centers are introduced as well.  Learning centers focus on a theme, which is manifested in stations to play in - motor, manipulative, dramatic play, blocks, and sensory play.  Our learning program is designed around the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, which are integrated into learning centers, circle times, and transitions/routines.  The teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities each week.  The learning center time is a bit longer than the other activities because there is so much variety involved.  The children move from center to center as they are ready.  Circle times in the Toddler Room involve songs, stories, and finger plays to foster the children's growing language development and introduction to new skills and concepts.

Toddlers participate in our weekly chapel on Fridays, where they sing songs and dance for Jesus.

TRANSITIONING TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Throughout the building, we generally transition children all together to the next classroom in late August/beginning of September for the new school year.  Children in the Toddler Room generally move to Youngest Preschool, which is next door.  These classes play together often during the year, so this is typically an easy transition for the children to make.

Food and supplies

  • Your child needs to bring to school...

    • A complete change of clothes, including socks.
    • Extra shoes are optional, but sometimes needed!
    • Some rest time toy or special blanket is optional.  We provide a sheet and blanket.
  • Food is included

    At Calvary, food is included.  The toddlers are offered breakfast (at 7:15 a.m.), two snacks, and a lunch daily.  Toddlers feed themselves and often get pretty hands-on with their food.  Milk is served at lunch and sippy cups are used as needed.  No additional food needs to be brought in.

  • Lunch Box day - wednesdays!

    On Lunch Box Days, your child will bring his/her lunch.  When bringing foods for Lunch Box Day, please help us to keep everyone safe!  Avoid highly chokeable foods like grapes, grape tomatoes, raw carrots, nuts, popcorn, etc.  We do not serve these foods to children in this age group (even if you would do it at home).