infant room

The Infant Room can encompass babies from a tiny 6 weeks up through and above 1 year old, depending on each child's development.  There is so much occurring in the first months of life, so many brain connections that are being established!  Gross motor, fine motor, language, and intellectual skills are blossoming and growing day by day.  This is also a time when they learn that the adults in their environments care for them tenderly - a model of Jesus' love for them!

activities in this room

Infants present a variety of individual needs.  While our littlest ones are mostly eating and sleeping and snuggling, our older friends are exploring their environments in many ways.  We follow stringent health and safety practices, including sanitizing toys and keeping food prep areas and diapering areas totally separate.  We use a specific system for diapering in order to cut down on the spread of germs.  Parents receive a daily written "report" about what they did throughout the day.  When you need to replace any supplies, this will be noted on the daily sheet for you.

Our learning program is designed around the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standard, which are integrated into the entire day.  We organize observations about your child, and will invite you to a Parent-Teacher Conference twice per year to come and chat about the wonderful things that we see from your child each day.  It is also important for us to have information about new things that your child is doing at home so that our partnership works more efficiently.

Babies are not only fed and changed to meet their very basic needs, but also are talked to and interacted with throughout the day.  Adult interaction in playing, singing and reading with the babies is crucial for their intellectual, social, and spiritual development.  We want our babies (and their families) to be saturated with the theme "Jesus Loves Me" throughout the day!

about baby supplies & FOOD

You are welcome to call during the day, as the Infant Room has a phone "to the outside world" and can talk to parents directly.  Nursing mothers are welcome anytime.

  • your child needs to bring to school:

    • Diapers, wipers, and any other diapering supplies that you use
    • Enough filled, labeled bottles for one day
    • Two complete change of clothes
    • Your baby's current schedule
    • Any special foods, such as cereal and baby food when your child is ready
  • We provide:

    We provide all bedding, bibs, toys, etc.  You DO NOT need to bring any bedding, bibs, or toys for your child.  Per state regulation, no toys, no mobiles, and no blankets with animals attached are allowed in the cribs.

  • when babies sleep...

    All babies are placed on their backs to sleep, per the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.  Once they start to roll themselves over, they put themselves in all sorts of positions!  If there is a medical need that requires your child to be placed in a position other than on his/her back, please submit a doctor's note.

  • when your baby is ready for table FOOD...

    When your child is ready for table food, he/she can take advantage of our wonderful meals that we serve each day.  Please let the caregivers know day by day which meals you would like your baby to try as he/she transitions to table food.

being eligible for the toddler room

When your baby gets older, keep in mind that to be eligible for the Toddler Room, a child needs to:

  • Be at least 12 months old by September 1st of the given school year
  • Be walking steadily
  • Take only one nap per day
  • Be eating all solid foods (using a spoon properly is not required; they'll practice here)

** There also needs to be space available in the Toddler Room next door.  Remember that those toddlers are turning 2, so your baby may look big in the infant room but may really be too small for the Toddler Room yet. **