youngest preschool

Two and young three year olds are still primarily egocentric - they are the center of their own universe!  They have a difficult time seeing things from another person's perspective and are still learning how someone else might be affected by their actions.  Two and young three year olds have a growing vocabulary, full of funny mispronunciations and grammatical mistakes.  They are an emotional bunch, easily frustrated especially when they cannot have their own way or do it "by myself".  All of these characteristics make this age incredibly cute!  

This age group is always laughing, thrilled with the smallest discoveries and they learn to be "big kids".

Toilet training is part of this process, and in the process, children love to use "potty words" as they are excited about what is happening in the bathroom!  This is all normal development.  The path of becoming a "big kid" is full of joyful giggles as we learn to appreciate their funny ways.

In order to be eligible for the Youngest Preschool Room, a child needs to:

  • be at least 24 months old (2 years) by September 1st of the given school year
  • Potty training is NOT a requirement - this is experienced in the classroom as children are ready
  • This classroom is for 2 and young 3 year olds.  Children will not typically move upstairs to preschool until the following fall; the group normally moves up together.

Activities in this room...

Two and young threes are non-stop!  Realizing that, the basic daily schedule changes about every 10-15 minutes.  There is a planned rotation of quiet (ex. sitting for a story) and active (ex. dancing) activities alternating throughout the day.  Our learning program is designed around the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards, which are integrated into learning centers, circle times and transitions/routines.  

Learning centers focus on a weekly theme, which is manifested in stations to play in - motor, manipulative, home living, blocks, art, and water play.  The teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities each week.  The learning center time is a bit longer than the other activities because there is so much variety involved.  The children move from center to center as they are ready.  Circle times in the Youngest Preschool Room involve songs, stories, and finger plays to foster the children's growing language development, as well as Bible and prayer time to start the day! 

The children participate in our weekly chapel on Friday mornings, where they sing songs and dance for Jesus.  Offering is taken for missionaries that we support.

At Calvary, food is included.  The children are offered breakfast, two snacks and lunch daily.  Milk is served at lunch and sippy cups are used as needed.  No additional food needs to be brought in.  The exception is Lunch Box Day.  On Lunch Box Days, your child will bring his or her own lunch.

TRANSITIONING TO PRESCHOOL PEACE: Throughout the building, we generally transition children all together to the next classroom in late August for the new school year.  Children in the Youngest Preschool room generally move upstairs to Preschool Peace, provided that they are both 3 years old and fully toilet trained.  We provide opportunities to practice going to the "new room" in small increments to smooth the transition.